14 April 2019

Tests of AUGUR series systems in Yugorsk

In April 2019, tests of AUGUR-T and AUGUR-TF automated ultrasound control systems were conducted on the basis of Gazprom Transgaz Yugorsk LLC ITC. Two welded tees with reinforcing pads DN 1400 x 1000 (TR-1, TR2) were monitored. Two annular welded joints of pipes Du1000 with a wall thickness of 11.0/12.0 mm and Du1400 with a wall thickness of 18.5/16.5 mm of a ground test bench for testing diagnostic complexes were monitored. 

Ultrasonic inspection was carried out by the following methods:


The AUGUR-T system on a test sample. 


The AUGUR-TF system on a test sample.


Operation of Automated Visual and Measuring Inspection.


The AUGUR-TF system on a test sample.

The tests of the systems in the modes of automated ultrasonic control using the technologies of ultrasonic phased arrays and TOFD, the use of automated visual and measuring control using a laser triangulation module were successful. The test results are recorded by the act and protocols.
Date: 1 October 2021
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