Automated Visual Measured Inspection Modul

2D laser triangulation module with integrated microprocessor system

A 2D laser triangulation module with a built-in microprocessor ultrasonic inspection system allows you to measure the profile of an object with high accuracy without mechanical contact with it.

The laser module uses the principle of triangulation. The laser beam deployed in a perfect straight line is projected onto the surface of the inspection object. The light line repeats the shape of the profile of the object in the cross section. The image of the light line is projected onto a CMOS photo matrix. According to the coordinates of the image on the photodetector, the microprocessor calculates the real coordinates of the light line (profile). During the measurement process, the reflected light power is dynamically monitored and background illumination is suppressed.

To obtain a 3D-shape of the object's surface, the laser module is moved using a scanning device. The signals of the displacement sensor are used to synchronize the profile measurements.

Name Article  Standard equipment
Laser Meter module S0180032 -
Scanner mounting bracket S0180033 Mounting to a standard aluminum profile
Cable for connecting the laser meter module S0180034 Cable with power supply via Ethernet
AVIC data collection and processing software SW0180004 The software is based on AUGUR programs
Sample data and test results

The notch is 1.2 mm deep, 2 mm wide:

Зарубка глубиной 1,2 мм, шириной 2 мм

Sample with milled grooves:

Образец с фрезерованными канавками

End length measures (4,5; 5,0; 5,5; 6,5; 7,0):

Концевые меры длины (4,5; 5,0; 5,5; 6,5; 7,0)

Real data, mm Measured data, mm Error rate, mm
Height Width Height Width Height Width
4,5 9 4,54 - 0,04 -
5,0 9 5,04 8,9 0,04 0,1
5,5 9 5,58 8,9 0,08 0,1
6,5 9 6,56 8,9 0,06 0,1
7,0 9 7,09 9,1 0,09 0,1

Profile image of the annular welded joint of the pipeline sample Dn720:

Изображение профиля кольцевого сварного соединения образца трубопровода Ду720

Reinforcement roller:

  • Width – 23 mm
  • Height – 2.9 mm
  • Angles – 123.7°, 112°
  • Edge offset – 0.2 mm


  • Width – 1.9 mm
  • Depth – 0.5 mm
  • Length – 13 mm

Measuring edge offset:

Измерение смещения кромок

Reinforcement roller:

  • Width – 24.3 mm
  • Height – 3.8 mm
  • Edge offset – 2.5 mm


Main technical data of the laser triangulation module

Overall dimensions 65×45×30 mm
Weight no more 0,17 kg
Near range boundary 70 mm
Measuring range 100 mm
Measurement error (linearity) ±0,1 mm
Width of the near border of the range 29 mm
The width of the far edge of the range 69 mm
Error (discreteness) in width 0,1% from width
Measurement frequency until 500 Hz
Digital interface Ethernet 10/100
Synchronization of measurements logical level 5-24 V
Supply voltage 5 – 40 V
Power consumption 4 W
Continuous operation time not limited
The probability of trouble-free operation of the scanner during 2000 hours of operation not less 0,5
Average service life not less 5 years

Характеристики лазера

Laser specifications

The laser triangulation module uses a semiconductor laser and has the following specifications:

Radiation wavelength 645 – 660 nm
Output power no more 160 MW
Radiation generation mode continuous
Beam divergence by level е-2 37 – 61°
Concomitant dangerous and harmful factors direct laser radiation
Operating temperature range +10 – +35 °С
Maximum operating temperature range -40 – +60 °С
Date: 3 April 2023
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