Non-destructive inspection, development, production and launch of automated ultrasonic inspection systems since 1990


The formation of the SPC ECHOPLUS. The first tests of the AUGUR 2.2 system at the Leningradskaya NPP. Support of the State Committee for Science and Technology for the development of automated control systems with coherent AUGUR data processing.


Creation of the first sample of the AUGUR 4.2 system and demonstration of the system at international exhibitions – in Germany, South Africa, Australia, Norway, Iran, Japan. The beginning of practical control of welded joints DN300 and DN 800 at the Leningradskaya NPP, Smolenskaya NPP and Kursksya NPP.


Formation of an independent company "ECHO-impulse", consisting of a group of specialists in the manufacture of piezoelectric converters.


The beginning of work on the international project Research Thermonuclear Power Reactor (ITER). Testing of the AUGUR system and methodology as part of an American robot at the Tokai Nuclear Center in Japan. Participation in the launch of the first power unit of the Rostovskaya NPP. Creation of an intrauterine ultrasonic flaw detector for monitoring oil trunk pipelines for the company "Transneft".


Certification of the AUGUR 5.2 system together with the methodology for monitoring welded joints of the DN 1200 reactor unit VVER-1000. The breakthrough of technology to the VVER reactors, where work is still underway. Certification of 15 methods of control of welded joints of VVER-440 and VVER-1000 reactor installations. Delivery of 45 sets of AUGUR systems to Russian nuclear power plants 5.2.


Award of the RF Government Prize "For the development and industrial implementation of technologies for complex diagnostics, methods and import-substituting devices in order to reduce emergencies at potentially hazardous facilities."


Issue of the monograph "Ultrasonic metal flaw detection using holographic techniques" (368 p). Development and certification of the automated ultrasonic systems in Gazprom. Awarding ECHOLUS with the diploma of the European Federation of Non-Destructive Testing (EFNDT). Development and approval in the Rosenergoatom concern of a comprehensive program of measures for the development and implementation of technologies and means of operation of a nuclear power plant for the equipment and pipelines of the Russian NPP, based on the use of phased arrays, which predetermined the vector of development for many years to come. Development and certification of 12 metods of automated ultrasonic based on the use of antenna arrays.


Certification of the AUGUR-ART automated ultrasonic system based on the use of antenna arrays and CFA algorithms. Delivery of 8 sets of AUGUR-ART systems to Russian nuclear power plants. Certification of the AUGUR-ART automated ultrasonic system  with a full automation cycle. Delivery of AUGUR 5.2 systems to the Armenian NPP, carrying out operational control.


Awarding of the General Director of the ECHOPLUS A.H. Vopilkin with the Gratitude of the President of the Russian Federation V.V. Putin "For the labor successes achieved and many years of good work". Certification of the AUGUR-TF system in Gazprom PJSC with inclusion in the register of supplied equipment. Carrying out the automated ultrasonic at the 6th block of the Novovoronezh NPP by systems developed by the Croatian company "Hrid". Issue of the third, anniversary, collection of scientific papers of the SPC "ECHOPLUS".

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