Development, production, supply and launch
of non-destructive testing systems since 1990

The Scientific and  Productive Centre of Non-Destructive Testing ECHOPLUS was founded in 1990 and is one of the leading in the development, production and launch of modern non-destructive testing systems.The methods and products of ECHOPLUS automated ultrasonic inspection, which have no analogues, make it possible to identify and visualize hidden defects in the most complex welded joints, taking into account the determination of their parameters and residual resource.

  • More than 30 years
  • 16 patents for own developments
  • 49 original diagnostic methods of non-destructive testing
ECHOPLUS presented devices and methods of ultrasonic inspection at the XI St. Petersburg International Gas Forum

St. Petersburg International Convention and Exhibition Project in the Oil and Gas industry

Author's workshop in St. Petersburg

Watch the video broadcast of the author's seminar of the SPC ECHOPLUS, dedicated to modern methods and means of ultrasonic control using phased arrays

Video about the ECHOPLUS company

About the company, its people and the main results of activities in non-destructive testing sphere from 1990

Anniversary collection of articles of the SPC ECHOPLUS

The book include the most interesting articles of the ECHOPLUS scientific staff in recent years

Ultrasonic monitoring of pipelines of the coastal section of the Nord Stream - 2

Ultrasonic inspection of welds according to a certified control method using the methods of FR and TOFD

The book "There is no future without history" by the General Director of the ECHOPLUS

The third edition of the autobiographical book by Alexey Vopilkin, General Director of the ECHOPLUS Company

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