2 December 2023
Training of Leningrad Metal factory specialists in the control of welded joints of rotors using a scanner on magnetic wheels

In October, specialists were trained to work with the scanner using one of the methods of the ECHOPLUS using the example of a welded rotor joint.

28 November 2023
Video: Frequency of sending a probing pulse to eliminate false indications

The video shows the importance of choosing the frequency of sending a probing pulse to eliminate false indications associated with the design of the control object, using the example of a thick-walled object with a thickness of 300 mm.

26 October 2023
ECHOPLUS Company took part in the X International Industrial Forum "NDT Territory"

At the exhibition dedicated to non-destructive testing technologies and tools, the ECHOPLUS demonstrated for the first time a mobile laboratory for conducting zonal control in the field.

20 October 2023
Video: Report of the Mir-24 TV channel on the products of the ECHOPLUS company within the framework of the international expert forum "Made in Russia"

On October 19-20, in the Moscow "Manege", within the framework of the international export forum "Made in Russia", the ECHOPLUS company presented the AUGUR-ART ultrasonic flaw detector.

17 October 2023
The ECHOPLUS participation in the First International Industrial Exhibition and Forum EXPO RUSSIA IRAN

As part of the EXPRO EURASIA 2023 mission, with the support of industry ministries and business circles of Russia and Iran, ECHOPLUS demonstrated its products and services to representatives of nuclear power plants and the oil and gas industry.

5 September 2023
Interview: "The ECHOPLUS has something to be proud of, but the main achievements are ahead!"

The founder and CEO of the ECHOPLUS Company met with a correspondent of the publication "Точка Опоры" and gave a detailed answer to the question: "What do you consider the greatest achievement of ECHOPLUS in 33 years of activity?"

25 August 2023
ECHOPLUS Mobile Diagnostic Laboratory

We present a new mobile laboratory based on the AUGUR-TF automated ultrasonic inspection system for conducting zonal non-destructive testing in the field.

27 June 2023
Video: Demonstration of the functionality of building a sounding map in AUGUR ART

The function of constructing a sounding map, when receiving an image in the CFA mode, is implemented in the new AUGUR-ART flaw detector, we offer its demonstration to your attention.

22 June 2023
Video: AUGUR-ART flaw detector software - working with roller sensors on phased arrays

The video shows a linear scan of 64 or 128 elements using an AUGUR-ART flaw detector.

14 May 2023
Video: Commissioning of the Automated Visual and Measuring Inspection system of welded joints and base metal at Atommash

In April 2023, on the territory of the branch in Volgodonsk (Atommash), specialists of ECHOPLUS conducted acceptance tests and commissioning of an installation for mechanized and automated ultrasonic inspection of welds and base metal based on flaw detectors with support for phased arrays and TOFD AUGUR-ART.

12 May 2023
Video: Demonstration of the acoustic contact tracking functionality in AUGUR ART

The acoustic contact tracking function is implemented in the new AUGUR-ART flaw detector. The program allows you to set up a tracking channel for the presence of an acoustic contact and use its operation during monitoring.

2 May 2023
Participation in the exhibitions "WELDING" and "FLAW DETECTION" in St. Petersburg

In April, ECHOPLUS took part in two specialized exhibitions in St. Petersburg - the WELDING exhibition and the FLAW Detection exhibition of devices and equipment for industrial non-destructive testing

24 February 2023
Video: Non-destructive testing of rotary kiln bandages

Ultrasonic inspection of rotating furnace bandages was carried out to identify and visualize internal and surface defects. The control was carried out in the operating mode of the equipment.

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