Control of welded joints of welding of the collectors of the first circuit to the pipes of the steam generator housing

208663 / 2022

A method for determining the reflector coordinate in a section perpendicular to the welded joint by TOFD echo signals

№2740168 / 2020

Software for the analysis of the data of the UZK and the formation of conclusions (AUGUR analysis)

№2019610777 / 2019

The method is narrow by the method of a phased array antenna using a flaw detector with a small number of independent channels

№2697725 / 2018

A method for increasing the dynamic range of signals measured during a narrow

№2649028 / 2016

The method of narrow profile of the inner surface of the product in the area of the welded joint with the use of antenna arrays

№2625613 / 2016

A method for creating an incomplete switching matrix when using antenna arrays

№2646955 / 2016

A method for detecting transversely oriented defects during ultrasonic scanning of a product with a reflective bottom

№2610516 / 2015

A method for accelerating the registration of echo signals using an ultrasonic antenna array

№2560756 / 2015

Method of ultrasonic inspection of the profile of the inner surface of the product with uneven surfaces

№2560754 / 2015

Method of calibration of an ultrasonic antenna array mounted on a prism

№2530181 / 2014

Automatic ultrasonic control system

№131492 / 2013

Method for determining the radiation pattern of a piezoelectric transducer

№2415388 / 2011
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