Track two-coordinate scanner for conducting AUZK of control objects made of non-magnetic and magnetic materials with a diameter from 426 mm to the plane

A scanner for moving piezoelectric transducers (PEP) on the surface and inside the control object. It is used as part of automated non-destructive ultrasonic testing systems. Materials of the object of control – any metals and plastics.

The scanner consists of a track fixed to the control object and a movable scanner that ensures the movement of the antenna array along and across the welded joint in accordance with the algorithm of the control methodology.


Two modifications of the SK 426 S scanner are available:

  • with carriage 120 mm (article S0180007)
  • with carriage 400 mm (article S0180007s)

To control the scanner, use:

  • BUSK2D scanner control device (article S0160096)
  • 7 m long KSK-AUTO cable (article S0200010) or KSK-AUTO.15 with a length of 7 m (article S0200011)
Clamps are supplied depending on the customer's requirements.
Contact fluid supply system depending on customer requirements.

Materials of the object of inspection any metals and plastics
Maximum aperture on the X axis 120 or 400 depending on the complectation
The resolution of the sensor in the drives X 0.109±0.003 mm/impulse
The resolution of the drive path sensor Y 0,15±0,003 mm/impulse
Maximum speed of movement on the X axis 58 mm/s
Maximum speed of movement along the Y axis 29 mm/s
Diameter of the inspection object from 426 mm 
Dimensions, L x W x H
465 х 119 х 272 mm
8 kg
Track width 100 mm
Date: 2 September 2022
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Date: 3 April 2023
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