Manual one- or two-coordinate scanner on magnetic wheels for ultrasonic inspection and continuous thickness measurement of control objects made of magnetic materials with a diameter from 57 mm

The new CHAMELEON handheld universal scanner is designed for ultrasonic inspection of annular and longitudinal welded joints, metal pipelines and vessels made of pearlite grade steels.

With the CHAMELEON scanner, it is possible to control welded joints by phased array methods, TOFD method and corrosion monitoring of the base metal. A wide range of controlled pipe thicknesses and diameters makes the scanner truly versatile. The scanner is equipped with cables for connection to flaw detectors working with phased arrays.

Kit X-СМ

  Kit X-ФР




Name Article Standart equipment
Х-СМ S0160001
  • Scanner for thickness measurement with two-coordinate scanning and for inspection of welded joints by the FR method (guide for thickness measurement, guide for fixing clamps FR, two clamps FR. Article S0160029)
  • Encoder Cable
  • Tool Kit
  • Packaging


  • The scanner is single-coordinate for narrow-beam methods of FR and TOFD (two guides for mounting clamps, two clamps of FR, two clamps of TOFD. Article S0160091)
  • Encoder Cable
  • Tool Kit
  • Packaging


  • The scanner is single-coordinate for the narrow TOFD method (two guides for mounting clamps, four TOFD clamps. Article S0160092)
  • Encoder Cable
  • Tool Kit
  • Packaging


  • The scanner is single-coordinate for narrow-beam by the FR method (two guides for fastening clamps, two clamps FR. Article S0160093)
  • Encoder Cable
  • Tool Kit
  • Packaging

Additional options

  • Preamp TOFD 2x2 (article S0170002)
  • Stand-alone 40 dB preamp for two pairs of TOFD sensors
  • Contact fluid supply system
  • Kit for the contact fluid supply system
The length of the cables under the order.

Converters and prisms are not included in the package and are purchased separately.

Clamps, forks and guides can be made to order.

The scanner is compatible with flaw detectors:

  • The AUGUR series (ECHOPLUS)
  • Introvisor A1550
  • MX, MX2, SX
  • Harfang X-32, Veil
  • Gekko
When ordering, you must specify the flaw detector with which the scanner will work.
Range of inspection pipe diameters from 57 mm up to the plane
Manual scanning on one or two axes, depending on the configuration
The scanner is equipped with clamps that ensure optimal contact with the control surface at any position and orientation of the scanner
Equipped with magnetic wheels with the ability to fix the position on the object
The components allow you to assemble any configuration of the scanner
The clamps are equipped with universal plugs for mounting converters with prisms of width from 30 to 40 mm
Dimensions, L x W x H 550 х 250 х 120 mm
3.1 - 7.7 kg (depending on the configuration)
Date: 2 September 2022
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Language: Russian
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Date: 3 April 2023
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Language: English
Brochure "Scanners for ultrasound control. Characteristics and application" DOWNLOAD
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