7 July 2023

About terminology in the field of CFA/TFM application, taking into account the published standards ISO 23865:2021 and ISO 23864:2021

Currently, ultrasonic monitoring technology is widely used using ultrasonic antenna arrays that emit and receive waves in the object under study. Two technologies for image reconstruction of reflectors using antenna arrays have found wide application in the practice of ultrasonic testing: phased array antennas (FAR) and digital focusing of the antenna array (CFA). In this paper, both technologies are compared, and it is concluded that the CFA technology is more promising in terms of using a variety of image reconstruction algorithms for reflectors.

Below is a table establishing the relationship between the terms of the standards and the terms used in the Russian literature and in the operational documentation for the AUGUR-ART ultrasonic multichannel flaw detector, AUGUR-TF automated ultrasonic inspection system. The proposed conformity of terminology can be taken into account when adapting international standards in Russia.

International standards Russian literature
FMC Double scan
Scanning mechanisms
Triple scan
Imaging path Acoustic circuit

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