9 December 2021

Determination of the geometry-acoustic properties of a welded joint as a solution of the inverse coefficient problem for a scalar wave equation

The TOFD method, widely used in ultrasonic flaw detection, allows to distinguish a crack from a volumetric reflector by the phase of the echo signals and to determine its height with high accuracy. However, the TOFD method without scanning with piezoelectric converters across the welded joint does not allow to determine the displacement of the reflector from the center of the seam, which is very important when evaluating the control results. The scanning devices used for this purpose have a complex design, their price is higher than that of one—dimensional sanitizing devices, and, most importantly, the control time increases significantly. If we use echo signals reflected from the bottom of the object of control, taking into account the change in the type of wave, then a combined image of the reflector can be obtained from a set of partial images recovered by the digital focusing antenna (CFA) method. If the echo signals measured in the combined mode for each piezoelectric transducer are used, it is possible to estimate the displacement of the reflector across the welded joint with an accuracy of ± 1.5 mm. Numerical and model experiments have confirmed the operability of the proposed approach.

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Date: 9 March 2022
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Language: Russian
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