SPS 100-150

Track manual single-axis scanner for ultrasonic inspection of annular welded joints made of non-magnetic and magnetic materials with diameters of 108 and 159 mm

The SPS 100-150 scanner is designed for ultrasonic inspection of pipeline welds with an outer diameter of 108 and 159 mm using ultrasonic antenna arrays.



Name Article Standart equipment Description
Manual scanner
SPS 100-150
  • Track 108 (article S0160128)
  • Track 159 (article S0160129)
  • Path sensor A62. (article S0160127) 
  • Pressure Пр-АР-В-По-Вт-РШZ (article S0160127s)
  • A set of replacement parts:
    • attachment (fang) right/left (2 pc)
    • guide (2 pc)
Ring universal scanner for ultrasonic inspection welded joints DU100-DU150, encoder connector, compatible with Omniscan MX
Manual scanner
SPS 100-150


  • Track 108 (article S0160128)
  • Track 159 (article S0160129)
  • Path sensor A62. (article S0160127)
  • Clam Пр-АР-В-По-Вт-РШZ (article S0160127s)
  • A set of replacement parts:
    • mount (fang) right/left. (2 pcs)
    • guide rail (2 pcs)
Ring universal scanner for ultrasonic inspection welded joints DU100-DU150, encoder connector compatible with Omniscan MX2, Gekko

A set of product and kit of shipment

Name Qty Article
Scanner manual SPS 100-150 
1 S0160125 / S0160125s  
Track 108 мм
1 S0160128
Track 159 мм 1
Path Sensor
А62. / А62.
1 S0160127 The choice of the path sensor depends on the connector, respectively: 
DHS-15M / FGG.1K.316.CLAC65Z (LEMO) 
Clam Пр-АР-В-По-Вт-РШZ
1 S0160127s  
Carriage 1 S0160126  
A set of replacement parts:
- mount (fang) right/left.
- guide


Controlled pipe diameters 108 and 159 mm
Moving along the track that is installed on the inspection object
The scanner is equipped with a clamp for checking for transverse defects
Maximum height from the pipe surface 60 mm
The largest dimension along the pipe axis:
- in the shipping state
- with a replacement kit

140 mm
160 mm
Range of adjustment of the distance between the front face of the prism and the axis of the weld 6…22 mm
Path sensor resolution
0,061±0,001 mm/impulse
Mass of the scanning device assembly (path sensor, clamp, track 108/159) 2,4 / 2,6 kg
The number of pulses of the path sensor when moving the scanner over a fixed distance L = 200 mm
3270±10 pc
The position sensor connector is compatible with Omniscan MX, Omniscan МХ2, Gekko
Date: 2 September 2022
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