Two-axis scanner for automated inspection of welded joints with a diameter from 720 mm to 4000 mm with limited access (located in a narrow gap)

Scanner for automated control of welded joints with limited access (narrow gap), with the function of two-coordinate scanning and the ability to record data.

The scanner is moved along the tension belt using the scanner control device (BUSK).

Сканер КОНЬ. Контроль с применением натяжного ремня в узком зазоре
Inspection with the use of a tension belt in a narrow gap.

Name Article Standard equipment
Scanner HORSE S0160095
  • Two-axis scanner (article S0160085)
  • Scanner Control Device
  • Clamp FR (article S0160098)
  • Encoder cable (it is necessary to specify the flaw detector with which the scanner will work)
  • Tool Kit
  • Packaging

Additional options

  • Contact fluid supply system
  • Length of cables under the order
  • Converters and prisms are not included in the package and are purchased separately
  • Clamps, forks and guides can be made to order
  • Software for controlling the scanner from a computer

The scanner is compatible with flaw detectors:

  • The August series (ECHOPLUS)
  • Introvisor A1550
  • MX, MX2, SX
  • Harfang X-32, Veil
  • Gekko
When ordering, you must specify the flaw detector with which the scanner will work.
Range of controlled pipe diameters from 850 and less
Scanning speed (high) until 100 mm/s
Two-coordinate scanning in a narrow gap until 220 mm
Two-coordinate scanning using phased arrays in an automated way
Moving with the use of the scanner control device at a distance from the object of control
Equipped with a clamp that provides optimal contact with the control surface at any position and orientation of the scanner
Stainless steel housing
Scanner wheels with rubber tire rings to ensure better grip on the control surfaceя
The scanner is moved by a tension belt.
Dimensions, L x W x H
458 х 200 х 302,5 mm
9,9 kg
Encoder resolution on the X axis
12,8 counts/mm
Encoder resolution on the Y axis
6.4 counts/mm
Date: 2 September 2022
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Language: Russian
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Date: 3 April 2023
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