8 August 2022

Video: Ultrasonic flaw detector on phased arrays AUGUR ART

We are pleased to present a new portable phased array flaw detector - AUGUR ART.

The AUGUR ART is a multifunctional ultrasonic flaw detector on phased arrays. Having absorbed 30 years of experience in the development of previous generations, AUGUR ART has successfully passed the tests of the State Standard and is already used at all nuclear power plants in Russia, as well as at many facilities of the oil and gas and machine-building industry. The AUGUR ART flaw detector combines all modern control methods – TOFD, CFA, the use of phased arrays and traditional – manual and automated ultrasonic control. The configuration of the device allows simultaneous data collection from 2 phased array sensors, 4 TOFD sensors and traditional PEP.

The device is manufactured in a shock-resistant housing and is designed taking into account operation in the harshest conditions. A wide range of functionality and a selection of accessories, integration with all types of scanners and the automated visual and measuring inspection module - allows monitoring of power units, pipelines, metal structures, construction facilities, energy, engineering, oil and gas industry facilities.

Intuitive interface, the largest in its class, high-contrast color display simplifies quick access to settings and scan analysis.

Flexible and powerful AUGUR ANALYSIS software provides fast equipment setup, high scanning speed and convenience of analyzing the received data.

AUGUR ART flaw detectors are supplied in 32x64, 64x64, 64x128 configurations.

The device supports operation with 2-axis encoders, roller scanners for corrosion conversion, as well as matrix and linearly combined converters. If necessary, for automated control, the control of the flaw detector is transferred to an external control computer located in a safe place.

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