28 January 2022

Delivery of automated control systems for Gazprom

In 2021, The ECHOPLUS Company continued its active participation in the implementation of the program for equipping subsidiaries of Gazprom with automated ultrasonic quality control of welded joints during repair and repair and diagnostic work.


In 2021, ten AUGUR T and AUGUR TV systems were delivered for Gazprom Transgaz Belarus, Kazan, Ukhta, Yugorsk, Volgograd, Urengoy and Stavropol. In most of the emergency recovery departments of these subsidiaries of Gazprom, commissioning works have been carried out, more than 20 specialists have been trained. Deliveries of AUGUR T and AUGUR T F AUZK systems, training on the systems and maintenance of their operation will continue this year. Regular software updates, consultations, maintenance and repair services are planned to be carried out throughout the entire life cycle of the systems.

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