NDT Data Storage System

The Problem

  • Where and in what format is the information on the results of the NDT stored
  • Where and in what format are the original NDT data stored
  • How to ensure the integrity of NDT data
    • RC no duplicates, darkening density
    • AUSC - the quality of the acousto-contact, the completeness of the captured data, the absence of duplicates
  • There is no binding to the isometric scheme
  • The customer does not have the ability to quickly access the current state of the CMP and the completeness of the source data
  • Information needs to be updated during periodic technical diagnostics - monitoring


  • A structured database containing:
    • Hierarchy of control objects
    • Isometric schemes
    • Initial data of RC, AUSC, AVIK
    • Scans of NDT conclusions
    • Linking control data to an isometric scheme, GPS coordinates
  • Viewing data
    • Is provided or data viewing by a built-in viewer or a viewer provided by a construction contractor
  • Integration with Autocad Program (two-way)
  компьютерная сеть схема

Опыт внедрения

Usage experience
  • The database on input and operational inspection at all Russian nuclear power plants has been maintained since 2003
  • Changes in the parameters of detected defects are monitored



  • Clarification of the required data set for storage
  • Configuring the database display
  • Defining representations at levels
    • Guide
    • Executor
    • Expert
  • Software installation and user training

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